"Life is a journey filled with creativity and exploration, and I take joy in living every moment to the fullest. "


Game Developer(Unity,C#)


I am a seasoned professional in the world of game development with over a decade of experience. Developing games with Unity and working on creative projects have been both a passion and a professional journey for me. Throughout this process, alongside my work, I have participated in 9 consecutive years of global game jam events, pushing my creativity and teamwork skills to their limits.

For me, the gaming industry is not merely a job; it is a way of life. With over 10 years of experience, I have worked on a diverse range of projects, including museum introduction kiosks, virtual reality- enhanced physical obstacle simulators, projects combining sports equipment with virtual worlds, virtual helicopter tours, flight simulators, motion-captured projection systems using Kinect, kinetic sculptures, and more. I have executed a wide array of projects, ranging from hyper-casual and idle games to more intricate designs. Witnessing people's interest and appreciation when a project comes to fruition is a tremendous source of motivation for me.

In addition to my game development skills, I am drawn to the world of board games. My interest in board game design aligns with my desire to create my own games in the future. Similarly, engaging in choral singing, exploring music, and participating in sports activities are all integral parts of my life. I possess an outgoing personality, which I have nurtured through experiences such as being both a choir member and a technical crew member, captaining the university's cycling team and co-founding an Ultimate Frisbee team. I have explored nearly half of Turkey's southern and western coasts on cycling tours.

Personal Details

  • I was born in November 1991,
  • I am married and have no children.
  • Driver's License: B
  • Highest Level of Education: Bachelor's
  • Industry: Gaming, Arts & Entertainment, Information Technologies, Software Development



Mobile Game developer at the Company-Gameflex

September 2022 - August 2023

  • The project I was working on as a game developer was a multiplayer tower defance game , name Way of Kings I was responsible for in-app purchases, in-game mechanics, map systems, world UIs like health bars that followed the objects, maintenance of the game, and performance.
  • Built relations with the online community
  • Experiences : Unity3D, C#, MVCS with StrangeIoC ,OOP, Polymorphism, SOLID

Mobile Game Developer at the Udo Games

December 2020 - August 2022

  • Since I started, I have developed more than 30 different hyper casual game prototypes
  • We made lots of Physics based games, Runner Games, Shooter Games and Different Arcade Mechanics
  • That was awsome experience
  • Experiences : Unity3D, C#, Unity Physics,Shader Graph,Plugins: DoTween, Cinemachine, Curvy Splines, DreamTech Spline, Paint In 3D, Rollic Elephant SDK,

Game developer/Cofounder at Zeplin Games

June 2019 - November 2020

  • I tried to found a startup company with one of my friend
  • We had a 5 people crew to develop Hyper Casual games
  • We created 30 hyper casual game prototypes(puzzle, bundles, simulations)
  • We couldn't be successful as we targeted, and we decided to leave
  • Experiences : Unity3D, C#, Published Games in IOS , GameDesign

Game developer at Amelos Interactive

August 2018 to May 2019

  • I worked on and Idle tower heroes projects here.
  • I started with snake io basic improvements and then I pass to Idle tower heroes.
  • I focused on improvements to keep user attention more and I made some updates for performance, I involved to make the village systems and new dragon systems
  • I completed my work and I needed to leave the job for military service.
  • Experiences : Unity3D, C#

Interactive multimedia developer at Kuasar

October 2016 to August 2018

  • I created a virtual aquarium, helicopter simulation for city promotion and kiosk applications for museums
  • I was focused on Jevelery ring design and sell project for android, webgl and ios
  • I made Interactive floor projection project
  • Experiences : Unity3D, C#,Leap Motion, Kinect, OpenCV , Web Services

Game and Software Developer at Reo-Tek Electronics Software and Design Limited Company

June 2014 - October 2016

  • I worked here to develop interactive digital museum applications, info systems, kinetic sculpture, emphaty VR projects like wheelchair simulation and visually impaired simulation, and multiplayer bicycle race game(with 3 bicycles).
  • Experiences : Unity3D, C#, Javascript, Arduino ,Oculus Rift DK2, MultiThreading, Touch Screen, Serial Communication


Master Degree(left in thesis) in Sport Science and Technologies - Hacettepe University,Ankara

September 2017 - June 2020

Learnings : Python, Matlab, MotionCapture, Biomechanics, Statistics

Bachelor's degree in Computer Education and Instructional Technologies - Middle East Technical University,Ankara

September 2009 - June 2015

Learnings : Unity3D, C#, C++, HTML,CSS,LMS(Moodle)

Occupational High School in Information Technologies -Web Technologies - Ismet Aktar Anadolu Teknik Lisesi/Istanbul

September 2005- June 2009

Learnings : Pascal, PHP ,ASP.Net ,Visual Basic, ActionScript, HTML,CSS ,Photoshop ,Flash


Soft skills

  • I excel at investigating and researching various processes to uncover solutions and improvements that can significantly benefit the organization.
  • My openness to change and quick adaptability makes me a valuable asset in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of game development.
  • I'm a strong team player, actively contributing my skills and ideas to drive collaborative success in game development projects
  • I have a knack for understanding and managing both my own emotions and those of my team members, fostering a positive and harmonious work environment.
  • My meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the game, from mechanics to graphics, is finely tuned and polished
  • I'm dedicated to creating gaming experiences that not only meet but exceed players' expectations, placing their needs and preferences at the forefront.

Technical skills

  • C#
  • Unity3D
  • OpenCV
  • MotionCapture
  • Arduino, Leap Motion, Kinect


  • I like to play board games with other people
  • I love swimming, cycling and playing Ultimate Frisbee in my free time
  • I have been A cappella choir for 7 years as a Bass/Bariton singer


Name: Caner TOPCU

Adress: Cankaya/Ankara/Turkey

Phone number: +905325960266


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